One Stretch for Better Flex(ors)

If there is one stretch to do everyday, it is the kneeling quad/hip flexor stretch. As little as 2 minutes per leg, once a day will help to relieve back pain and improve posture. The problem is that the human body was not designed to sit as much as we do today. From driving to work, to sitting at a desk and lounging on the couch, we spend the vast majority of our day in a seated position. Every time we sit, we shorten our hip flexors, which when we then stand upright, pull the pelvis into anterior tilt. This places stress on the low back and without correction, can lead to chronic pain. An easy solution is to mix in the kneeling quad/hip flexor stretch everyday. Kelly Starrett, the auth

How High Are You? Do Training Masks Really Simulate Elevation

Recently elevation training masks have become a small trend. If you’ve seen the guy at your gym or running down the street in what looks like a Bane mask from Batman, then you’re a witness. The idea behind these masks is that by limiting airflow during exercise, the athlete will experience similar effects of training at high altitude. Increased red blood cell count, which carries oxygen to muscles, is the desired effect of altitude training. When these athletes return to sea level their bodies are more efficient at transporting oxygen resulting in increased endurance. Unfortunately, the positive effects of altitude training require an increase in altitude. Studies have yet to find or sup

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