Sleep Like a Caveman

By now you have probably heard of the Paleo Diet, which proclaims people should eat like a cave men. But did you know that you should be sleeping like a cave man too? The whole idea here is to create a conducive environment, while eliminating any factors that may detract from a sound night’s sleep. The first factor to address is light. The ideal sleeping environment should be as dark as possible. As the world around you gets dark, your body begins to release melatonin, which makes you feel tired and helps you fall asleep. Think of making your room like a hotel room, with those big black out curtains, where you can’t even tell what time of day it is. The elimination of light is not just li

Rest to Recover, Recover to Grow

If building muscle is your goal, then you must consistently place them under stress. The best way to do this is by lifting weights. As your muscles adapt to the weight though, the novelty wears off. To keep building muscle, you must keep slowly increasing weight or repetitions. Yet one aspect of this equation that routinely gets forgotten is the importance of rest and recovery. We live in a culture where we are led to believe that more is always better. But through years of personal trial and error, I can tell you that such is not always the case. And in certain cases, less is more. The soreness you feel the two days after a workout is the result of little tears, called micro trauma,

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